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Who Are You Really Hiding From!

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself”

– Shannon Adler

Today, many women hide behind masks for a number of reasons. If could be due to feelings of insecurity or they feel unsure of their power. They feel unloved or uncertain they will be liked or accepted if they reveal their true personalities and feelings.

The biggest reason women wear masks is because they fear the world is going to find out that they are a fraud. They really don’t belong. They are simply ‘posers’. The other major reason is because they fear when they reveal their true identities, the world will simply shrug off the big ‘reveal’ as insignificant and simply ignore them.

We must admit, it takes courage to remove the mask and reveal our true personality. Have you considered removing you mask and if so, what will gain by it?



*Build your Confidence and Self-Esteem.

*Learn to love your TRUE self. Not the representative you show the world.

*Be Authentic. Remove the Mask and let the real you come out of hiding.

Meet Your New BFF!

My name is Adrian Jefferson Chofor, the Confidence Coach and Creator of The Aspire Life™, a system of programs helping women build self-confidence, live authentically, and love themselves for their TRUE selves. I am a member of the keep it real generation and devotee of the authenticity movement!

Let’s be clear, I have had my own challenges of becoming a confident woman, successful coach and daring entrepreneur.  I had to learn how to speak up at business meetings, in the workplace and those in senior positions. I had to learn how to be myself in the office, in unfamiliar situations, and meeting people who were considered ‘important’. I learned how to become comfortable in my own skin at ‘all’ times. This was an amazing feat considering I used to be a shy, tall lanky girl that suffered years of abuse and refused to speak up and tried to be the biggest wallflower.  But, this wallflower recognized later as a young woman that she was a wildflower; beautiful and resilient. 

My journey has lead me here to helping women like you learn to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. I’m a dedicated and passionate Personal Transformation Strategist. I help women navigate the growth and transformation process of  planting, nurturing, blossoming, and blooming into the women they are supposed to be, their best (beautiful, extraordinary) selves!  I am also  an Award-winning International Inspirational Speaker and Empowerment Leader.  I share my own personal story with life lessons  in my #1 International Bestselling book, ‘Aspire to your Greatness!’, nominated  for the Author of the Year; Leadership Award  by the Indie Authors Legacy Awards (IALA). I’m the proud owner and founder of Aspire2Inspire Transformational Practice, LLC and Aspire2Inspire Media Productions  which produces the Aspire to Authenticity show which I serve as host and producer. The show airs every Monday at noon PST starting April 22 on the RHG network. 

I have been working with women just like YOU to learn:

  • Self-Acceptance and Eliminating a Negative Self-Image (That Strong, Confident, Beautiful Woman in the Mirror…is YOU!)
  • Break Free from Crippling Self-Doubts (I’ll Try, Maybe It Won’t Work, What will THEY say…no more!)
  • Love their Whole SELF: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual (brain fog, PMS, stretch marks…everything!) 
  • Living Authentically (BEING REAL) and Cultivating Their Originality (BEING YOU-nique)

Schedule a session at no charge [no hidden fees!]  and discover what is really bothering you.

In my industry we use the term ‘stuck’ quite often. You might wonder, ‘what does that really mean?’ Just imagine trying to drive your car but the rear tires are stuck in the mud. You’re pressing down on the accelerator, the wheels are turning, but the car is not moving. Are you exerting a lot of energy into your life…always ‘busy’ but, seem to be going nowhere…fast! Let’s get you moving on the ‘highway of life’. You are in the driver’s seat and I will be your passenger — just tell me where would you like to go? I have the map! Let’s start on our journey now! Click below:

The ASPIRE LIFE™ Programs with Adrian

This powerful 90-Day [12-week] program has been helping women worldwide find the courage to remove the mask and live authentically. This program will help you come out of hiding and emerge from the shadows of uncertainty, fear, and doubt. You will feel the relief of removing the suffocating mask to finally be yourself in all areas of your life!


The program valued at $5,000 is usually offered for $3,000 and installments of only $497 monthly. Today, it is being offered for the amazing price of just $300!! Yes, that is right, only $300! If you sign up today, you will only pay a $10 sign up fee and $97 for the next three months…that’s it. No gimmicks! No hidden fees!

This customized program is for select clients that have worked hard to build their self-esteem, build confidence in their abilities and KNOW THEY ROCK!, but their appearance says otherwise. They want to stand out with their own signature style! The program touches on everything from hair, make-up, colors, and clothes to create a look that is tailored to you and reflects your authentic style. You will be connected with in-demand stylists, leading beauty experts, and receive 1:1 coaching to perfect the right look that is completely your own and embraces your unique style!


Do you want a totally different look that compliments your new found confidence or simple tweaks that compliment your unique style. Let’s discuss the right affordable plan for you.

This customized program is for extraordinary women that have developed the courage to allow their authentic selves to emerge, but need specific confidence building strategies, accountability, and direct support for target areas, such as not excluded to, public speaking, relationship building via in-person and social networking, and job hunting. A personalized 1:1 plan with a confidence coach will help you to eliminate the obstacles holding you back from leveling up.


If you require confidence coaching for a specific area and want to see results, no need to delay and hope for the best. A confidence coach could be your best hope! Level up now…let’s discuss the right affordable plan for you.


The Transformative #1 Int'l Bestseller book - 'ASPIRE TO YOUR GREATNESS!'

Join the hundreds of other women worldwide inspired and transformed by the powerful  #1 International Bestselling book, ‘Aspire to Your Greatness‘! This book shares the journey of Adrian Jefferson Chofor as she overcomes years of child abuse, teenage homelessness, crippling low self-esteem to becoming an empowering motivational speaker and personal transformation strategist creating confidence building programs helping women break free from years of self-neglect, hopelessness, bitterness, and self-inflicted pain.

She shares the powerful lessons she learned from childhood to adulthood when she finally allowed herself to be loved, learned self-acceptance, and the healing power of forgiveness. Her transparency and candidness allows the reader to feel as if they are with her every step of the journey. The deeply insightful lessons she imparts in each chapter gives the reader actionable steps and tips to help them on their own journey! Her story has touched many lives and is guaranteed to impact you! The book was nominated for the Author of the Year; Leadership award by the Indie Authors Legacy Awards (IALA). Get your copy of this book and see how it will change your life. Here is a preview:




The Best You is the REAL You!

This powerful, easy to follow, life-changing course will help you learn what makes you tick, be comfortable in your own skin, and live a life free from the heavy weight of trying to manage the expectations of others. Here is the link to the  first module in a powerful series of six that will help you learn to be CONFIDENT and live an authentic life.

It is better to fail in Originality than to succeed in Imitation.

Learn why it is impossible to fail at being yourself. You are the Best You when you are the REAL You!


Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. – Roy T. Bennett

Go on. Aspire.

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