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  • What is Self-Confidence?
  • The Four Styles of Communication – You have one; learn it
  • Types of Negative Thinking
  • Negative Thinking – your BIGGEST Hater could be YOU!
  • Goal Setting is Critical – your life needs goals like your lungs need oxygen
  • Setting SMART Goals – lets talk about what they are and why they will change yourlife
  • Identifying Your Worth – does a $100 bill lose its value? Lets talk, Queen.
  • Creating Positive Self-Talk -You  are your own BFF! Talk to YOU like you are.
  • Identifying and Addressing Strengths and Weaknesses – Self-awareness check.
  • Limiting your Possibilities – They all start in your head. Change the mindset.
  • Letting People Waste your Time – Girl, time is too precious!
  • Striving for Perfection – Your best is not always perfect but you are good enough!
  • The Importance of Appearance  
  • The Role of Body Language – it speaks before you do!
  • First Impressions Do Count! – make a lasting impression
  • It’s How You Say! – Not always what you say
  • Sounding Confident – no ums, and, buts about it
  • Using “I” Messages
  • Internalizing Messages
  • Putting the Needs of Others Above Your Own
  • Denying  Your Power
  • Allowing Yourself to be the Scapegoat
  • Failing to Define Your Brand
  • Waiting to be Noticed
  • Being Invisible
  • Expressing Disagreements
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Tolerating Inappropriate Behavior
  • Allowing Yourself to be the Scapegoat
  • Lessons Learned
  • Make Your Unstoppable Confidence Bulletproof!
  • Wrap Up


Join the hundreds of other women worldwide inspired and transformed by the powerful  #1 International Bestselling book, ‘Aspire to Your Greatness‘! This book shares the journey of Adrian Jefferson Chofor as she overcomes years of child abuse, teenage homelessness, crippling low self-esteem to becoming an empowering motivational speaker and personal transformation strategist creating confidence building programs helping women break free from years of self-neglect, hopelessness, bitterness, and self-inflicted pain.

She shares the powerful lessons she learned from childhood to adulthood when she finally allowed herself to be loved, learned self-acceptance, and the healing power of forgiveness. Her transparency and candidness allows the reader to feel as if they are with her every step of the journey. The deeply insightful lessons she imparts in each chapter gives the reader actionable steps and tips to help them on their own journey! Her story has touched many lives and is guaranteed to impact you! The book was nominated for the Author of the Year; Leadership award by the Indie Authors Legacy Awards (IALA). Get your copy of this book and see how it will change your life. Here is a preview:

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