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Failures And Setbacks Are The Stepping Stones To Success

Failures and Setbacks are the Stepping Stones to Success

Post Series: Aspirations Series!

It is impossible to be successful 100% of the time. Failures and setbacks occur every day to everyone that is attempting to achieve big goals. My motivation and commitment stay high in spite of any obstacles along the way.


Each failure and setback actually bring me closer to success. I use each challenge as a way to learn and fine tune my approach.


When I fail, I immediately look for the lesson that is included with every failure. As long as I am able to learn something from a failure, I am happy.


I have a system. I fail and adjust my approach with my new knowledge. Then, I fail again and adjust my approach further. Then I do it all again. All the while, I am moving closer to achieving my goal.


In this fashion, step by step, I can achieve my heart’s desire.


Any goal with a lot of obstacles has few real competitors. Most people shy away from such hard goals because of the challenges. However, I am motivated to continue. The fact that everyone else is afraid to fail makes me more motivated and determined.


I know I can reach my goals as long as I persist. Where others give up, I keep going.


Today, I accept my setbacks and failures. I learn everything I can from them and keep moving forward. They are the stepping stones to my success.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What could I learn from my last failure? How can I take full advantage of it?
  2. Do I allow failures and obstacles to derail my efforts? What has that cost me?
  3. What could I achieve if I learned from each failure and never gave up?


Adrian Jefferson Chofor is a professional with over 25 years in the publishing, academia, and healthcare industries. She is also a former expatriate having lived in Italy, Spain, and Germany where she conducted workshops and seminars for executives and professionals. Adrian is an entrepreneur and a certified life coach with a passion for helping others through public speaking, training and coaching.

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