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Challenges of Launching a New Business

Have you just launched your business?

Are your friends and family constantly asking for FREE services/products?

***Be wary of giving away free services/products***

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do:

Testimonials: In return for services/products your friends and family (F&F) can provide you with a testimonial. When you launch your business, most people do not know you or what you offer. Testimonials lend credibility to your business. Do not overlook this important step when building your business. After your F&F have written a testimonial….<next step>

Visibility: Post testimonial(s) on social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. YouTube….you can negotiate having their testimonial WITH your website, contact information and social media links posted 1x per day for 1 week; 2x per day for 4 days; 1x every other day for 3 weeks…it depends on you. This step will help to increase your visibility. It helps too if you add special offers to this post (not Free..just SPECIAL) to increase visibility and lead generation.

List Building: An introductory email from F&F to 5-10 people with a testimony raving about your services/products with a link to your website, social media links and contact information will help you build your email list.
This is very, very helpful when you are first starting out in your business.

Bartering: Does your F&F have a skillset/occupation that you can barter? For example, if they have a background in digital marketing, can s/he assit with a social media strategy or SEO optimization? Graphic designer? Can s/he assist with your website design? Administrative Assistant? Can s/he assist with streamlining some of your administrative processes or be your Virtual Assistant for a period of negotiated time?

Your time is VALUABLE! Your services are VALUABLE! Your products are VALUABLE! Be wary of friends and family, or anyone that fails to appreciate your value and the valuable things that you do.

Much love and success to you!!!

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Adrian Jefferson Chofor is a professional with over 25 years in the publishing, academia, and healthcare industries. She is also a former expatriate having lived in Italy, Spain, and Germany where she conducted workshops and seminars for executives and professionals. Adrian is an entrepreneur and a certified life coach with a passion for helping others through public speaking, training and coaching.

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