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Why I Became a Personal and Business Transformation Strategist


Hello Beautiful!

I went through a lot as a child/teen (abuse, homelessness, etc) but, by the time I reached my 20s, I was a strong, confident woman (thanks to faith and therapy). My #1 International Bestselling book ‘Aspire to Your  Greatness‘ chronicles some of those experiences. One thing, I was proud of  was my  athleticism and my favorite exercise was running. For me, running and dancing was therapeutic for me. 

Fast forward to my late 30s, marriage, and two kids later… toxic relationships, highly stressful job, and other external factors crippled my self-esteem and I packed on 125 lbs onto my frame! I was miserable!! My joints always hurt and I suffered heartburn, hypertension, and my migraines returned. A glass of wine turned into a bottle. A few chips were two bags. One donut turned into half a dozen. I was trying to eat away the pain that was eating away at me. 

In 2015, after a health scare, I finally stuck with the decision to do something about my weight, job, relationships and took control of my life. Making those changes in my life was truly liberating. I stopped living my fears and started living my dreams, which I didn’t think possible. When I changed my mindset, I was able to lose over 100 pounds, get my energy back, and get my life back. Also, no longer did I have to be a slave to my job or salary, but I could have the financial independence to live the life I always wanted. 

The following year, I decided to help other women like me to find their voice, purpose, and happiness and became a Personal and Business Transformation Strategist. My mission is to help women feel empowered to make the changes necessary to live their BEST life. I know firsthand, change can be scary and appears formidable, but you are stronger than you think! Everybody thought I was strong, but deep inside, I WAS AFRAID.  I understand the many women afraid to make life changing decisions because they lack support and encouragement and when coupled with fear, they stay stagnant and remain stuck. I know what it is like to be in a dark place, but You Don’t Have to Stay There!  Call me for a 20-minute Strategy Session and let’s make 2019 your Breakthrough Year!

With Empowerment and Love,

Adrian – xoxo

I am grateful for the for the pain, the failures, and the struggle that developed the character and strength I have today. – Unknown


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Adrian Jefferson Chofor, the 'Confidence Coach' and Owner/Founder of Aspire2Inspire Transformational Practice LLC is the creator of the Aspire Life programs helping women learn to be confident and build self-esteem to reveal their true selves and live authentically. She helps women 'remove the mask' by learning self-acceptance, purpose, and loving their true selves to help them become the women they have always wanted to be!

Adrian is an international inspirational speaker, certified professional coach, and a top recommended professional quoted on several major networks; ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. She is a published author in several books, including her #1 International Bestselling book 'Aspire to Your Greatness!' chronicling her own life from abused child, troubled teen, homelessness to world traveler and successful businesswoman. The powerful book was nominated for an Indie Author Legacy Award (IALA). Adrian is the host of the 'Aspire to Authenticity' show scheduled to debut on the RHG network April 22, 2019. It will be aired weekly on every Monday at noon PST time.

Would you like to learn more about Adrian, go here: or set up some time to speak with her to find out how you can build your confidence and authenticity to become the woman you have always wanted to be! go here:

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