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You Were Meant to SOAR!

I remember hearing of a story of a man visiting a childhood friend that had moved to the country. (Author unknown) As the man and the friend were reminiscing, he noticed something very odd in the man’s backyard, and pointed to his friend and asked, “what is that beautiful eagle doing with those chickens?” His friend looked around the yard to see what the man was talking about and then shrugged.“Right there!” the man nearly shouted pointing at the big, beautiful eagle. The friend gave the man a quizzical look and then answered, “oh! You mean my favorite chicken!” The man stammered,“chick..chick..chicken…what?! NO! That is an eagle and will always be an eagle!”

“No,THAT is my favorite chicken! I have had it since it was a few days old. It has ALWAYS been around chickens and now it THINKS it is a chicken, Look! It even eats corn” he said and threw a few kernels the bird’s way to demonstrate his point.

The man grew so angry that he took off his hat, threw it on the ground and hurried over to grab up the bird. He held up the bird and said, “THIS IS AN EAGLE, it does NOT belong on the ground, but in the SKY.” The friend stood there shaking his head watching his friend get more agitated. The man offered to take his friend up to the mountains to show him what the bird was capable of. The friend accepted the offer and they headed up to the mountains.

The man released the bird and it immediately dove to the ground. It looked around for the other chickens. “I told you it is a chicken,” said the friend reaching for the bird, but the man snatched it up again and hiked up the cliff a few feet and released the bird a second time. This time the eagle extended it wings a little bit, but fell back down to the earth with a smashing thud. “Ha! I told YOU it is a chicken” declared the friend. The man now shaking with anger grabbed the bird again. “It is NOT a chicken! It is an EAGLE!” He went up to the top of the mountain, lifted the bird high in the air and before releasing it said, “YOU ARE AN EAGLE AND YOU MUST FLY! IT IS IN YOUR NATURE!” If the bird did not fly this time it would mean certain death. The bird started to fall and the owner turned his back to it because he didn’t want to see his favorite chicken die. At some point during the fall, the bird extended its wings and then slowly started to move them and began flying. The eagle flew higher and higher at amazing speeds until it began to soar to great heights and off into the horizon. “An eagle is an eagle, it’s its nature to SOAR!” said the man with great satisfaction.

As yourself – are you a chicken or an eagle? Were you meant to stay grounded on the chicken or soar with eagles?

You were meant for great things. If you have a chicken mindset you will only succeed in achieving mediocrity.  Remember to SOAR and join the eagles!


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Adrian Jefferson Chofor is a professional with over 25 years in the publishing, academia, and healthcare industries. She is also a former expatriate having lived in Italy, Spain, and Germany where she conducted workshops and seminars for executives and professionals. Adrian is an entrepreneur and a certified life coach with a passion for helping others through public speaking, training and coaching.

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