Being Overly Concerned About Offending Others

Waiting To Be Noticed

Staying In Your Safety Zone

Using Minimizing Words To Describe Yourself or Your Work

Acquiescing to Bullies

Offering a Limp Handshake

Being Financially Insecure

Doing The Work Of Others

Needing To Be Liked

Acting Like A Man To Be Respected

Holding Your Tongue When You Need to Speak Up

Failure to Maintain Eye Contact

Permitting Others Mistakes To Inconvenience You

And Many More….


I have observed hundreds of women sabotage their careers and relationships. They unknowingly undermine their credibility by engaging in self-defeating behaviors. Their lack of confidence makes them appear as if they are little girls seeking acceptance and permission from others. From early childhood, these women were taught their ultimate success is contingent to acting in certain stereotypical ways, such as being polite, soft-spoken, compliant, and relationship-oriented. These ideas are reinforced through media, family, and social messages.


Women lose confidence in their abilities, talents, and skills.  They learn that acting like a ‘good girl’ is less painful than assuming behaviors more appropriate for adult, capable women (yet, totally acceptable for boys and men).


Confidence takes root in childhood but also can be internalized in adulthood, through experience, hard work or practice. It requires really paying attention to the small wins and not being so quick to overlook, downplay, dismiss and diminish your accomplishments.

Based on observations, I’ve also noticed women tend to vocalize their lack of confidence, at times in self-deprecating ways, more often than our male colleagues. I’ve come to believe that often, we do this just to seek validation and reassurance.

Some 63% of women enter the workforce with the confidence that they can rise to senior management, compared with 75% of men, according to a 2016 survey of 8,400 adults by Bain & Co. and LinkedIn. By mid-career, only 57% of women still feel that way, compared with 66% of men, says Julie Coffman, a Bain partner and lead author of the study. Other research links women’s lack of confidence to being encouraged during childhood to be compliant and agreeable and to strive for perfection, rather than to compete and take risks.



Starting a new business requires a clear vision and the confidence to relentlessly pursue your dreams. How does an entrepreneur stay confident when she is ready to give up?


Negotiating is a skill anyone can learn, but completely useless if the negotiator lacks self-confidence. This skill is a must if you want to climb the corporate ladder or be a successful entrepreneur

Respected as a Leader

There is more to being a leader than being a #ladyboss. Leaders inspire and motivate their teams. They earn their team's respect. Do you have the self-confidence to get their respect?


All successful CEOs, executives, team leaders, and entrepreneurs know how critical strategic networking is to their success. Self-confidence is crucial to become an expert at networking

Personal Relationships

You can be a CEO in the office but feel like a door mat in your home. Self-confidence will help you find your voice and regain your strength to take back control of your life


Don’t let the crisis paralyze you with fear and self-doubt. You have ‘greatness within you, it just needs to be tapped into’. You can overcome the crisis by tapping into your talents, strengths, and gifts and unleashing your greatness. Nothing is impossible..with faith, study, and perseverance…you can say all is possible.  You don’t have to go on this journey alone. You will have trusted expert and navigator help you arrive at UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE! 

I am honored to share this amazing program with you! 

If you have been called to be more active in leadership, but have deferred the opportunity because of self doubt, this success blueprint program  is for you.

If you have been waiting for a promotion or to level up in your career, this success blueprint program is for you.

If you want to start a business or have started a business but things are not going as planned and you want to throw in the towel, this success blueprint program is for you.

If you have been in toxic relationships and want to have healthy, more stable relationships, this success blueprint program is for you.

Get the respect you deserve and have the life you have always wanted!


  • INFLUENCES – childhood influences
  • PERSONALITY -identify strengths, talents, skills; personality assessment [Meyers-Briggs]
  • NEGATIVE THINKING – identify which beliefs are holding you back
  • EXPLORING LIMITING BELIEFShow negative thinking is affecting your self-confidence
  • SHIFTING LIMITING BELIEFS – remove obstacles holding you back
  • CLARIFYING YOUR VISION – what do you really want
  • DEFINE YOUR BRAND – appearance, body language, first impressions and self-confidence

SELF ACCEPTANCE & SELF AWARENESS – the base of self-confidence and good leadership

ACTION PLAN with SMART GOALS – strategic customized road map to success

WEALTH MINDSET – explore your relationship with money

BULLETPROOF UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE – maintain unstoppable confidence


Q&A – exit interviews/feedback

When You Complete the UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT Program You Will Have the Skills and Knowledge to:

Appreciate the significance of your body language & questioning skills in communication

•Understand the importance of goal setting with SMART goals to be UNSTOPPABLE

•Explain the different types of negative thinking and the strategies to overcome the habit

•Effectively make use of techniques for understanding your TRUE worth

•Use positive self talk to build courage to be FEARLESS

•Know how to make an UNFORGETTABLE first impression and be the STAR!

•Make regular use of positive communications expressed as “I-Messages”

•Use proven methods for getting positive results in difficult situations

•Identify strengths and weaknesses that are you holding you back from UNLIMITED confidence


•Use the power of Visualization to get what you want! See it. Believe it. Achieve it!

•Use the power of Presence to be Heard, get Respect, and get Results! Use the power of strategic Networking for getting in front of the Right People!

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

•Get coached by a professional coach certified by an accredited International Coach Federation school with years of experience of helping women gain the confidence feel better about themselves,  get promoted,start a business, and have better relationships

•Access a powerful mastermind of women making their dreams a reality

•Get clear on what is getting you stuck, causing you to be intimidated, and overcoming those fears to move forward powerfully and confidently

•Stop all the guess work as to why you feel useless, worthless, or unlovable.

All the While…

•You kinda feel you don’t need another ‘course’

You’ve done this and that program and are definitely not interested to invest in ‘another’ program

You’ve been looking to hire a coach, but always feel like the ones worth working with are not affordable for you where you are at now

All you need is  straightforward- no- BS advice from a coach that is a straight-shooter and your biggest advocate

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then this program is for YOU!

Here Is What You Will Get…

  • Beautiful Comprehensive Welcome Package.
  • 20-minute private Jumpstart 1:1 Session with me prior to the Program.
  • FORTY-EIGHT (48) Video module online trainings for self-work assignments customized and designed to support you on your breakthrough and confidence-building journey!
  • TWELVE (12) 90-minute empowering group coaching sessions (recorded for YOU to access anywhere, anytime).
  • THREE (3) 60-minute LIVESTREAM trainings with tips and strategies to expedite growth and development.
  • Email and text access Mon-Fri 10am-4pmPT for personalized support
  • Beautiful Customized Worksheets; Empowering Exercises that will encourage, strengthen, and motivate YOU!
  • Strategically recommended publications supporting YOUR development and getting you closer to success!
  • Customized Action Plan with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual action steps to make sure you are moving in the right direction.
  • Accountability buddy that will help you lean in and provide invaluable support.
  • A Tribe of Supportive and Empowering Women of Faith and Courage that want to uplift, encourage, and support you on your journey.
  • Private Facebook Group of beautiful people like yourself that want to encourage, support and see you be successful.



Contact us and someone from the LEVEL UP! team will assist you.

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