Adrian is amazing! She is the real deal! So much has changed for me since I started working with her. I feel like I have a completely different life. I definitely have a completely different outlook! She has a wonderful ability to think outside of the box and her passion for success is contagious! It’s a pleasure to work with Adrian Chofor!

C. Armstrong, SVP, Worldwide Sales at Good Powered by Blackberry

Adrian is a passionate,  , inspiring, and tell-it-like-it-is  coach who empowers her clients and who’s true calling is her ability to create deep, meaningful relationships with them while helping them to reach their goals. She always provides  positive reinforcements and a framework to help me identify needed adjustments. What I really appreciate is that everything Adrian is to help her clients be successful. She is trustworthy, practical, and resourceful. She has helped me make life choices that deeply impacted my professional and personal life. I enthusiastically recommend her as a life and career coach.

L. Woods, Business Analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence

I had the pleasure of working with Adrian Chofor. She was always innovative and forward thinking with a can-do-attitude bringing tremendous value and delivering results! She completely gets how empowered and engaged people and visionary leadership need to reinforce each other. She has taught us how to think about them in tandem and shown us the strategies and tools to make it happen. 

E. Byrne, Senior Analyst at PwC

Adrian is a visionary, tenacious at moving projects forward, and best of all has a wonderful, warm personality with lots of heart that, of course, makes her great with managing and motivating people.

M. Roach, Officer Manager at Dell EMC

Adrian is an inspiration to me as a speaker and leader. As a speaker, she effectively communicates her message using an effortless mix of humor and audience engagement. Her passion comes through in a genuine way, while remaining polished and professional. As a leader, she makes all things seem possible. She works to remove obstacles and makes it fun. 

J. Zwaanstra, Healthcare Business Strategy Consultant at Kaiser Permanente

I’ve heard Adrian speak numerous times and she always impresses me. She is an energetic, inspiring speaker that always deliver rich and powerful content to her audiences! As well as being a skilled facilitator and coach, she is professional, fun, and a pleasure to work with!

S. Davis, Instructional Designer and Communications Consultant at Kaiser Permanente

Adrian is a poised, polished, and potent professional speaker who connects with her audience and entertains, educates and enlightens. I have had the pleasure of working with her in various roles on the cable show, “Toastmaster Time TV”. She is always prepared, has a positive attitude and flexible enough to respond to the sometimes unpredictable challenges working in a fast-paced environment.

J. Jeffley, Independent Management Consulting Professional

Adrian is a terrific professional; calm and intelligent, and highly skilled. She is thoughtful, detailed, and capable of dealing with everyone from CEOs on down. A lovely, gracious demeanor – a joy to work with.

A. Morehouse, CMO, Brand Healthcare

She is captivating! I’ve heard Adrian speak before and all of her talks were powerful, but one talk entitled Creatures Under our Beds in which she discussed how our fears are imagines like the creatures under our childhood beds and how allowing those fears to overrun us, can imprison us and keep us from taking the leap in life. She helped empower me with the strength to successfully pursue opportunities that I feared were out of my reach! Sometimes it takes a word to set the wheels into motion. Thanks, Adrian! I would highly recommend Adrian as a motivational speaker at your next event! 

M. Moss, Engineer, Aleuta Management

Adrian is a leader with great positive energy and broad and deep communication skills. She is a pleasure to work with and wonderful team player.

Jim Kohli, International Director, Toastmasters International

She facilitates meaningful workshops as well as being an excellent speaker. If you need a leading communicator to provide engaging content, Adrian is your clear choice!

B. Fisher, Senior Financial Analyst, AAA Insurance





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